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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Finding A Qualified And Quality Attorney: The Basics

Finding an Attorney: The Basic Guidelines to Follow

When looking for the right family law attorney, it is crucial to look past the outward presentation to discover which lawyer will actually work towards your best interest. All family law issues bring to the forefront emotions and issues that are like no other. It is important to find an attorney that will be best equipped to handle and face the legal issues your case presents.

One piece of advice would be to research the attorneys in your area that concentrate in the area of law specific to your legal situation. For example, if you have a family law issue you would want o find an attorney that has experience or specializes in that area of law. In addition, find an attorney you feel comfortable talking to and understands your emotions. Take notice how each attorney responds to your questions and whether or not they display genuine concern about your circumstances. Do not be afraid to ask for a way to contact previous clients for information on past experiences with the lawyer. A lawyer that provides good customer service by promptly answering phone calls and emails is an ideal lawyer. Hiring an attorney simply because you know them or a friend used them is most often not a good idea. All attorneys are different and practice or specialize in different areas of the law. A lot of attorneys will take your case simply because they are getting paid, regardless of knowledge or experience in the specific area of the law that you require effective representation. Your attorney should always have your best interests at the forefront. Some red flags that may indicate you should seek more qualified and effective representation include: your attorney does not keep you updated on your case, is not prompt to return phone calls or emails, requests large or unreasonable retainer fees, requests more money without providing adequate explanation of the progression of your case, is reluctant to pursue the best outcome for you even if it means more work for them.

You should never feel like your attorney is not on your side. By doing your homework researching & contacting the attorneys in your area, you will be able to make a more knowledgeable & confident decision that should lead to quality representation and a more pleasant experience.

Is A Joint Complaint For Divorce Right For You?

Is A Joint Complaint For Divorce Right For You?

You have made the decision that your marriage is irretrievably broken and you want out. You have explained to your spouse that you want a divorce and you are certain that the two of you can agree on the details. Although the joint complaint for divorce is often the cheapest, quickest and least painful, it is not the proper course of action for everyone. Many individuals seek consultation from attorneys and assure them that their spouse will sign the documents if they are presented to them. However, this is the number one cause for delay and frustration amidst the divorce proceeding. Once the individual that is presented with the divorce papers realizes that the process goes forward only if and when they sign, all of the sudden they have new demands or refuse to sign. It is at this point that a experienced divorce attorney would recognize the impasse and recommend and new approach. This is an all too common scenario and can usually be avoided from the outset. If there is anything that your spouse is arguing with you about or is disagreeing with you on regarding the divorce then a joint complaint may not be the best solution for you. Contact an experienced Mississippi Divorce attorney to answer your specific questions. You should employ a "shop around" tactic for hiring an attorney, which will be discussed in my next blog post. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Breaking News: "What's Around Town"

What's Around Town is a weekly publication in Madison, Ridgeland and Gluckstadt (MS).  It's free and you can pick one up at most of your favorite locations around town.  What's Around Town does weekly and monthly prizes that range from iPads, flatscreen tv's, more various luxury items and money!  All you have to do is pick up a copy and locate the character known as "What'O", who is hiding in advertisements (beware of phonies!).  Then, you can go to the What's Around Town facebook page and post where you found What'O on their wall and you will be registered to win one of the amazing prizes!

So, what's the breaking news?  Justin Jones Attorney at Law, PLLC can now be found in What's Around Town and we will also be participating and sponsoring give-aways.  Stay tuned for more announcements and keep looking for What'O...he might just be looking for some legal advice this week!